Download "written instruction" SEM

The written instruction is 18 pages of text and pictures.

This is to learn what you can use SEM for and the simple way to apply SEM.

After you have read this instruction 3 times carefully, you can decide if you want to be able to apply this Energy Method. In that case you can donate an amount to the bank-account as described in the instruction.

After receipt of your donation we know that you want to have the one-time Energy-Transfer that is giving you the possibility to apply SEM during the rest of your life !

The energy transfer is done once every month for all the people that have donated.

The LINK FOR DOWNLOAD is available from 29-10-2019


TRANSLATE TO OTHER LANGUAGES (this is a LINK to google translate)

open in a second window and you can translate text of this web-site or the downloaded instruction, by copy and paste