SEM Selfstudy


Herein-after you can read the complete selfstudy explanation.

You will learn

- what SEM is about

- how you can apply SEM yourself

- further information, that is important

To be able to apply SEM you can receive a remote activation, after receipt of a donation of at least € 5,- on my bank-account.

Please Do not sent a mail or make phone calls for this!

Read all pages of this "instruction" and decide to start using SEM or not.

SEM has many possibilities to apply for yourself and others.

The energy of Sirius is the most powerfull energy NOW available. 

Other energy methods will cost several hundreds Euros to many thousands Euros for education.

Because of the Corona crises I have decided to make SEM available for all people in the world for just a donation.


Self study “Written instruction”


SEM general information

This is an energy method that is evolving and still under development.

SEM is a simple, beautiful, powerful and subtle energy from the Sirius System. It is an energy that is always and everywhere available to you. Without rituals or symbols, this is a real New Age method.

The Sirius Energy Method SEM exists since 2012. The energy is fast with a very high vibration and has unlimited application possibilities. People aged 18+ can learn the SEM method independently without any predisposition or knowledge. Everybody has got the potential to work with the energy.

After an activation by a remote “energy-transfer”, you are able to use and apply SEM yourself. You will find more information about this energy-transfer further on in this instruction.

Characteristics of the method

- Powerful effect when used

- Short treatment time, max 30 seconds

- Easy to learn

- Immediately applicable after the activation with the “energy transfer”

- Many possibilities

- Applicable during entire lifespan

The energy never replaces any diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or medical specialist. It is a complementary healing system.

SEM first for yourself


Balance or …..Stress

Satisfaction or ...

Distraction Healthy or .... Ill

Trust or ... Rejection

Fun or ... Worry

Brave or ... Anxious

Active or ... Passive

Powerful or ... Weak

Is your life descripted by the left or the right row? It does not matter for SEM.

If it is the left ..... do you want to maintain it and keep it that way?

If it is the right .... do you want improvement and do something about it?

The answer in both cases is: "learn SEM and apply it in your life"

What does this require you to do?

An investment of 1 evening + daily 1 minute + a one-off donation

Remote Energy healing for free

Both mental and physical SEM will contribute to the well-being of people. This takes only 10-30 seconds each day. That’s the reason why you never ask money for SEM remote healing.

The energy never replaces any diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or medical specialist. It is a complementary healing system.

SEM creation


The origin of SEM

In 2012 the insights about Sirius Energy were received from Higher Beings by Bert van der Beek. He received the possibilities of working with this energy NOW. How it is available to everyone and can easily be activated by an energy transfer.

SEM has since then been developed by Bert on the basis of these insights. The activation also ensures a higher vibration and spiritual awareness.

Since 2012, we have been able to apply the energy of Sirius in a way that is taught at SEM. This was because of the "alignment" in the cosmos. In 2012 the Aquarius era began, which lasts for 2016 years. And the period of 25,920 years, called the year of Brahma, started with a new cycle. Also the cosmic cycle of 12 times that period or over 311,000 years.

The energy never replaces any diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or medical specialist. It is a complementary healing system.

SEM development 2012 – 2020


2013 and 2014 distribution in the Northern part of the Netherlands and training of the first instructors for SEM

2014 placement 1,69m pyramid in Langedijke

2015 deployment of Facebook and distribution throughout the Netherlands

2015 start of research DNA24 project

2016 further distribution, starting in several countries, made 6 translations

2017 development network of pyramids 65cm for teachers

2017 DNA24 activation with pyramid in one go

2018 new website with complete information and English translation

2018 renewed training

2019 worldwide distribution

2020 on-line selfstudy

SEM for everybody and all circumstances.

SEM has no boundaries in distance or possibilities.

SEM is an open method.

Animals like dogs, cats, guinea pigs, cows, horses, etc. can also receive energy by using a photo. A treatment with the energy can be given at any distance, to individuals or to groups at the same time.

The activation by “energy transfer” also ensures a higher vibration and spiritual awareness.

Examples SEM can be used are:

- health

- setting intentions

- spiritual possibilities

- experiments

- research

- other (nice) extra possibilities


The energy never replaces any diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or medical specialist. It is a complementary healing system.

Results with SEM


Experiences and results of people who have learned to apply SEM:

- general health

- recovery from diseases

- disappearing or reducing migraines

- solving RSI symptoms and causes

- reducing side effect chemotherapy and radiation

- toothache

- insomnia

- increased mental strength

- burn-out recovery

- stopping hair loss

- eye complaints

- resolving dogs and cats’ diseases

- pigeons healthy again

- cows healthy again

- more yield on grain harvest

- better quality flowers and more flowers on plants

- success with job application

- quick home sale

- and so on…..

The energy never replaces any diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or medical specialist. It is a complementary healing system.

How to apply SEM Sirius Energy Method


SIRIUS is the biggest star known.

SEM is a powerful and fast energy-method of the New Age since 2012.

To be able to work with SEM you need an energy-transfer. In that way the energy is activated for each individual user. Without this transfer of the energy it is impossible to apply SEM.

How to apply SEM in General

We connect with the Sirius Energy by using chakra 6 = C6 (3rd eye)

This chakra 6 is on our forehead, between the eyes, somewhat higher than the eyebrows.

Chakra 7 (C7) crown-chakra is on the top of our head.

First concentrate on your own C6 during 3 seconds.

We always follow the next 4 steps to apply SEM:

1. Connect with Sirius Energy using C6

2. Connect with the target using C6

3. Send Sirius Energy using C6

4. Thank the guardian of the Sirius System


Up to 1 time each day per person and 10 - 30 seconds each time.


The energy never replaces any diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or medical specialist. It is a complementary healing system.

For yourself


1. Connect with Sirius Energy using C6

2. Receive Sirius Energy through C7

3. Using C6 the energy can be directed at your whole body or on a specific area

4. Thank the guardian of the Sirius System

For other persons and targets

1. Connect with Sirius Energy using C6

2. Connect with the target using C6, examples:

- Connect C6 of 1 person

- Make a list with the First- and Family- names of several persons, and connect with C6 with “all persons on the list”

- One or more pictures of persons or animals, such as cows, pigs, chickens, dog, cat, camel, and so on

- A document on the computer-screen, a letter or report

- Photo of a house to clean the energy in the house

- The name of a country - and so on

3. Send Sirius Energy using C6 (10-30sec) to the target optional intention (this is only possible by sending energy to 1 target or person)


- Intestines or blood-circulation or tumor, etc.

- Ears or head

- Mental balance

- Hair loss, send energy to the roots of all the hair on your head

See next pages for more special examples of intentions

4. Thank the guardian of the Sirius System


In case of sending energy to a group of persons or many targets it is not possible to use the intention option. The energy will take care of this.

If you apply SEM for several targets, you do not have to repeat steps 1 and 4, but start one time with step 1 and repeat steps 2 and 3 as often as you have targets to send energy and one time step 4.

The energy never replaces any diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or medical specialist. It is a complementary healing system.

Examples of intentions are


- overall health

- giving new energy to all cells in the body

- to a tumor on a specific area in the body

- giving energy to a letter of application, intention can be the invitation for an interview.

- to a moment in time, such as an interview, dentist-visit, surgery in the hospital.

- with many intentions for 1 person: "all intentions on the note"

Spiritual topics

- energetically cleaning of a house (with picture of the outside), entities or wandering souls go to the light

- you enter a building, for example an old farm where "something negative" or "disrupting" is present, that will instantly disappear because of your powerful SEM energy-level Rituals are no longer necessary

- Sending energy to countries before bedtime can sometimes cause spiritual travel. You stay in bed and your soul will always return. This sometimes requires some practice.

- Ancestor-line cleanup (only once), by using your family tree.

- Sending energy to the soul of person who passed away (only one time is enough).

Advice: do one thing at a time. Not everything on the same day, for it will take time to have the results you want to achieve.

Experimental intentions

Examples for sending SEM to are:

- a glass of water

- a glass of cheap wine will taste better, as if it is expensive wine

- at the gas station, car is up to 10% more economical in fuel consumption

- while cooking, toxic substances are reduced in the food

- in restaurant all food on the whole table

- realize wishes, formulate correct for the acquired result

- send energy to past/future

- creative activities such as writing, painting or play music

- stop smoking, send energy to fire of cigarette (not do unsolicited)

DNA in cells


Sirius Energy and DNA

The Sirius Energy Method which is distributed since 21 November 2012 to everyone who wants to receive it, is the reason that for many people diseases are reduced, disappeared or even prevented to occur.

By applying the Sirius Energy Method using the pyramids as it is done since spring 2017, the recovery capacity of the DNA in all cells is enhanced, even if the restorative power was (temporarily) blocked.

The energy of Sirius works directly on the energy of the DNA in all cells.

SEM can also be the explanation that many people experience and report mental improvement, for example with a burn-out. We go a step further by activating 24 codons (instead of 20) of the 64 codons in the DNA (experimental stage, since 26-10-2017). This activation is so powerful that all beginning disturbances, which would manifest themselves in the form of diseases at a later stage, will be "corrected" in time. See also Drunvalo Melchizedek's books on experiments with DNA in which 24 codons are active. He wrote: "In children in the USA who had AIDS, the immune system became so strong that AIDS disappeared and they never became ill again". These experiments were performed in the 20th century.

DNA and science

The German professor F.A. Popp, born in 1938, has done a lot of research on, among other things, biophotons. A fact is that the DNA of cell nuclei contain a source of biophoton radiation. The cell processes are regulated by weak coherent Electro Magnetic radiation. Popp also describes the so-called "photo repair effect" that is present in all biological organisms. This phenomenon is described as follows: a damaged cell recovers in a short time after being irradiated by a very weak dose of UV radiation emitted by the DNA. More information about Prof. Popp you can find on the internet.

This explanation about DNA, photo-repair and electro-magnetic radiation makes it clear that recovery of "disturbances" in cells is possible. Sometimes the restoring ability blocks, says Popp.

DNA24 and The immune system of humans

The healing power in every person causes in many cases that diseases disappear and that we go on living healthy again over time. This resiliency, however, is not always able to fix everything, in which case a disease process is not know yet. There is, however, for quite some time "something going on" in the body. Only when the symptoms are clear and it apparent that there is disease, we go to the doctor.

DNA24 research with SEM


DNA24 Research project for strengthening the immune system

Research project DNA24

This research project is intended to strengthen the immune-system at a control group in such a way that 24 codons in DNA will be activated. The Sirius energy method SEM will be applied to achieve this.

With 24 active codons in the DNA the immune system will be so strong that disease has no chance. Before a disease process gets started, the immune-system will already have solved it.

Approach to the research

During the project, 5,000 up to 10,000 people who have learned to use SEM, will receive the energy with SEM every month. Using the network of pyramids, including the central great pyramid in Langedijke (The Netherlands), the energy is sent by a changing group of people who can work with SEM energy.

Since the spring of 2017 instructors, having trained enough people, received a cardboard pyramid, with a specific picture, with a diameter of 65 cm. The pyramid can be placed in the room on the table. On a monthly basis a network formed by all the pyramids. This allows people from all over the Netherlands to enter and create even a bigger forcefield.

Participation in the project

To join the DNA24 project it is necessary to learn SEM by Selfstudy and know how this energy method works and how to apply it. People choose voluntarily to participate in the project.

Meditation using the Pyramid network

Using the network of pyramids SEM energy is sent once a month, shortly before the New Moon. See SEM website for date and time. The group meditating in Langedijke will activate the network every month. The Pyramids are for group meditations and individual application.

The "great" pyramid is made of aluminum with sides measuring 1,69 m, the square of 13 cm. (see photo-picture on website)

There is a network of 3-sided pyramids used to strengthening and magnify the energy. It is primarily used for the DNA24 research project. The sides are 65 cm, (5 x 13 cm.)



The SEM network is set up in 2017, spread all over The Netherlands. Every person who has learned to apply SEM can participate individually.

Individual users can make a connection to this network of pyramids by using the photo-picture. You can put this on smartphone, Laptop or PC. Printing is not necessary.

Pyramids as energy-amplifiers

We call it pyramids, but as a matter of fact, the name for this shape is tetrahedron, because it has 3 sides and a pyramid has 4 sides.

Sending energy with the cardboard pyramid of 65 cm combined with the energy of the aluminum pyramid of 169 cm in the garden Langedijke (Frl):

Amplifying power 65 cm = 500 x (which is the pre-amplifier)

Amplifying power 169 cm = 9000 x (which is the power amplifier)

For example: 3 people + 9 souls = 12x12x500x9000 = 648 million times amplification in total

Pyramid-meditations for anyone that knows SEM


The monthly pyramid meditations are held on the evening shortly before the new moon starting.

See date and time on the SEM website.

The whole network of pyramids is 1 x per month centrally activated from Langedijke.

Make the connection with the centre of the pyramid with C6

1 connect with energy of Sirius

2 connect your photo of the pyramid with the network of pyramids

3 connect with the soul of all people involved and all their Helpers

4 Receive Sirius energy for yourself through C6

5 Send Sirius energy to the Group DNA24 participants

6 Send Sirius energy to the core of the Earth

-Next target to determine

- Next target to determine

- Etcetera

7 thank the guardian of the Sirius System

If necessary the Sirius Helper will adjust the power of the energy and provides for the necessary protection (and is permanently present!).

The energy never replaces any diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or medical specialist. It is a complementary healing system.



Now you know SEM can give you many possible ways to use for yourself and other people you want to help with this Sirius Energy Method.

You can start using this after you have received the Energy Transfer, this activation will be given to you after receipt of a Minimum € 5,- “SEM DONATION, your name: ………”

to the following Bank account:

NL73RABO0334065771 E. van der Beek. The swift –adress of the bank is: RABONL2U

Donations will be used to pay cost and further development and research for SEM.

Activation by Energy Transfer


The activation of the people who have paid for it,

is done as often as needed, daily, weekly or monthly.


(extra) benefits of the energy-transfer:

- Chakra 6 is turning faster.

- By using C6 regularly, two glands in the head, will be energetically connected, with which your aging process will slow down and you can look younger.

- chakra’s C2 till C7 are 100% open. by opening your chakra’s for a 100 %, radiation will have no longer a negative influence on you. Sometimes people can still feel the radiation of cell towers, televisions, computers or smartphones, but without the negative influence.

- Each student gets an extra Sirius Helping Guide.


For how long SEM will be available for you ??

During your whole life, even if you do not apply SEM.


Sirius System


Sirius has played a role in almost all ancient civilizations.

The Sirius system includes 29 planets, the 3rd is called Ocean, in addition to 3 suns called Sirius A, Sirius B and Sirius C.

The Sirius system and our Solar System belong together as brother and sister.

In Ancient Egypt, the new year was celebrated on 25 July.

This is in the time-period when Sirius rises with our Sun.

2 Suns to see at horizon at sunrise.

In ancient times and also the years round 1950, beings of Sirius visited the earth, several times.

Roswell incident


Beings from Sirius have visited the earth according to various resources. Data about these visitations have been kept secret by government institutions in various countries. Since a few years more information has become public through films, TV and internet.

It all started on July 1947, which is now known as the Roswell incident.

Roswell is located in USA in the state of New Mexico.

After the information I received from Higher Beings in 2012, I have found additional information on several occasions.

In 2014: A book in which the crash of the UFO on the 4th of July 1947 was described.

In 2015: On the internet I have found an interview with an old man who was 90+ who told that he had been in the government at that time and that nobody was allowed to talk about this crash.

In 2017: I met a Dutch woman who had been in Roswell between 1970 and 1980. She felt a special energy at that location of the crash and talked with people about that in USA.

In 2017: On History TV people bought old things in Roswell that had to do with the Aliens.

In 2018: Several programs about ancient times and Aliens.

HEALTH additional information



Every object in the Universe has its own structure, including man. One can say that the information structure is the most important and that the human body is dependent on the electromagnetic control of the structure.

Every cell in the human body radiates in the form of a light electromagnetic sphere. This radiation contains information about how the cells function, depending on how they communicate with each other. Healthy cells communicate perfectly with each other.

Every person emits electromagnetic radiation from the entire body, this includes information just like the ordinary radio, TV and any other technical devices that broadcast information-carrying waves, while the information itself has lower frequencies.

All organs in the human body have their own information frequency. The first step of disease is a disturbance in the resonance between the cells and between the various organs of the body. A disease can originate when communication between cells is seriously disrupted or broken. All living organisms depend on a well-functioning internal and external communication.

Quantum healing teaches us that we are communicative beings.


Which disruptions can occur in the information frequencies? Why do they occur? Our own thoughts can disrupt the information frequencies and we can influence our own organs if we resonate with them. But how does resonance arise with our body? Naturally with the help of emotions. For example, if someone is worried about their stomach and is so often enough, this will possibly disrupt the gastrointestinal tract. Worries are at the same time emotions and even information, and if they persist for a long time, they can cause illness. Negative thoughts about yourself and your body cause strong emotions. This is the reason that when thoughts are mixed with fear, it has a negative influence on our structure and unconsciously they can come into resonance with the organs in the body and then problems can arise. It is extremely important that everyone is aware of this. Our own thoughts have the biggest influence on our own health and they can disrupt our information structure.

Relationships and communication with others are also information. If you have a conflict with others, it will be information that hurts you.

The media is another source of disruption. In the media the information is not always positive and it is published in a way to scare people. We are continually inundated with magnetic radiation in our modern society, whether we want it or not. It is very important that we protect ourselves against technological frequencies.

Why are the elderly and young people affected? Because they have a soft structure. The stronger the contact between the cells, the better one can handle it.

SEM can change your life


By receiving SEM 10-30 seconds for yourself every day, you can contribute to maintain your health. The energy goes to the cells in your body and will increase the restorative capacity. It is not only for people who have disorders or are ill. In those cases, applying SEM can contribute to total recovery.

SEM also contributes to your mental strength, you will suffer less from stress and worry less about everything. By continually working with SEM for yourself and others you will also get a positive mind-set.

With SEM you can contribute to a better world, by applying it to situations, animals, plants, the earth or the cosmos. If you do so, you’ll get a lot of satisfaction and your life will become more beautiful.

SEM is fascinating to learn, but if it was just a nice evening, you did not understand it properly. Being part of your life, it can be a positive step for you on your life path, experience it.

What is your choice

There are many choices to make in life. Every choice you will make has consequences for you and sometimes for other people. If you consciously deal with this fact you can determine a lot yourself.

Think about:

- with which people do you have contact?

- your activities give you satisfaction

- there is enough relaxation

- take good care of yourself

- you eat consciously and healthy

- you get sufficient exercise and fresh air

- choose yourself or have someone else make the choice for you

Much to think about, everything affects your health and well-being

Solar eclipse 1999, insights and messages


In 1999 was the last major eclipse, which was seen as partial embezzlement in the Netherlands. In France, for example, was the complete eclipse as well as in many other countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Before 1999 I was quite busy with solar eclipses and I read predictions about expected disasters and even about the perishing of the earth in various books.

Exactly 1 year before that eclipse, on August 11, 1998, I have opened a spiritual center in the Netherlands in Apeldoorn, called Direct Centre.

The period after the eclipse in 1999

During the period after the eclipse I have learned that the disasters do not happen at the moment of the eclipse, but in the following months.

It began on 17th of August 1999 with the major earthquake in Turkey. With a small group of people we have sent energy to Turkey that day to help the victims. Then I heard in my head Greece-Greece-Greece. I did not understand..., asked the attendees if they had heard anything about something happening in Greece, but nobody had.

The next day there was an earthquake in Greece .... I realized that I had received a signal in advance. Many natural disasters followed, we could not always prevent it from happening, but in my opinion it did reduce the consequences.

Insights and messages

A period followed of more than 2 years with many insights and messages, which were recorded on tape and then worked out by me. I got into a trance, this happened often. The information came from Higher Beings.

In 2004 I wrote a book in which all the messages were recorded. From the information received I have developed a method to treat RSI. I have treated many hundreds of people with this method for several years at large companies. All in all it was a revolution in my life.

Solar eclipse 2015

On 18th, 2015, a group is meditating at 19.30 with a pyramid / tetrahedron in my garden in Langedijke (Frl) in The Netherlands. The tetrahedron is a 3-sided pyramid. The people had all learned to send energy according to the SEM Sirius Energy Method.

The 3-sided pyramid / tetrahedron

The pyramid was placed in early 2014. The information about dimensions and the execution I have received in a meditation around 2003. The function of the pyramid is to strengthen the energy that is received during meditation or when sent with C6.

Based on my experience in 1999 and later years, I know that the areas where the 100% embezzlement draws a shadow line across the earth, are most affected by the consequences of the solar eclipse.

This is why I have decided to start sending energy in advance of an eclipse.

Since 2015 for all eclipses in the world which are 100%.